Hypercoat Prime Shampoo & Conditioner Bundle
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Hypercoat Prime Shampoo & Conditioner Bundle

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Two luxury grooming products in one bundle!

Hypercoat Prime Shampoo and Hypercoat Prime Super Conditioner brings out the best in all types of coats and will not soften a naturally harsh coat. Maintains coat and skin condition whilst reducing skin itching and reduces excessive moulting. 

The Hyper-Coat Prime Shampoo and Conditioner contain 100% British cold pressed hemp seed oil (87% Omega Oils)

The conditioner and shampoo can be mixed together meaning quicker washing time and the properties in Hypercoat Prime Conditioner reduces drying time, meaning a quick and easy wash time.

This bundle contains x1 1 Litre of Hypercoat Prime Shampoo and x1 250ml Hypercoat Prime Conditioner


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