2016 Animal Health Classic Final!

2016-11-04 | Competitions & Offers

The Animal Health Company Classic is a unique event in the dog Agility world with all 3 Kennel Club heights of dog competing against each other. With 12 regional heats around the country, some 60 finalists were invited to the 2016 final held in conjuction with the Autumn Food & Country Fair at Peterborough Arena.

Championship Agility Judge David Isbister had the pleasure of judging the 2016 final.

David Isbister Judges Report

It is always a privilege to be asked to judge a final and this was no exception.

This final was held as part of the Autumn Food & Country Fair and alongside the RVA show which adds to the larger event. The ring is open to the public’s view and it was nice to see so many spectators taking an interest in the day’s Agility events.

The day started with a jumping round to give the competitors a pre-final run and give them an opportunity to run their dogs on the same ground and equipment in which the final will be run.

There were 38 competitors in total split into 20 large, 10 medium and 8 small all competing against each other in both the morning’s jumping round and the Animal Health Company Classic final. The dogs ran in the order of large, medium then small.

The course had an added element of a brush fence and gate jump. None of these seemed to cause the dogs any issues.

The jumping round course ran well. The competitors getting into their stride and testing their dogs on the ground.  Even the additional obstacle of an electric box on the course didn’t faze them.

Some very confident rounds with Sophie Balchin putting in a cracking run to win the morning jumping class with her dog Mirramay Fairey Flycatcher in 29.080 seconds; Kelly Parrish took second place with her dog Blazin Sky in 29.974 seconds and Sue Culmer coming in 3rd with her dog Little Black Bugetty Boo in 31.341 seconds.


The afternoon’s finals started at approx. 2:45pm. The weather was kind to us and the rain had passed to give us a nice dry spell in which the final was run.

This course was a speed steeplechase course, no weaves and as ever , unique to the competition the addition of the Animal Health Company’s water jump. It is interesting when using a piece of equipment not normally seen in the ring. For starters there is a logistical issue of the water. The final was run in the order of small, medium and then large. This is because it is easier to keep adding water to the larger trays, then to empty water in the ring making the dog’s landing potentially dangerous. Not one dog took any notice of the water jump and every dogs cleared it with ease.

The wall and brush jump however seemed to cause the large dogs in particular some issues. Quite a few large dogs ran passed the brush jump on the run home and a couple were clear to that point. In addition to the top 10, two unplaced rounds stood out, Sophie Balchin  for her handling which was noteworthy to watch, her dog unfortunately picking up 5 on a knocked pole, and Megan Hunt whose dog put in a lovely run, only to pick up 5R on a run by the brush fence two from home.

The glory of the 2016 event goes to Sarah Roots who put in a faultless run to win with her small dog Stowledge Angelica in 28.825 seconds; with Emma Llewellyn picking up second place with Fireman Trigger in 29.620 seconds and Jackie Travis Spencer who took 3rd with The Mighty Boyce in 29.959 seconds.



With tea and cake during the prize giving my thanks must go to The Animal Health Company, the excellent ring party, and of course to my scrime Adele Bray. It is events like this that open Agility up to the public, and give the handlers an opportunity to compete in a final and to win great prizes from a very generous sponsor.


Jennie from The Animal Health Company has attended all the heats and the final for The Animal Health Company Classic this year. She says “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being at all the heats this year. The Agility folk are always lovely and supportive of our competition and our trade stand. Thank you to all the judges, competitors, show organisers for supporting our competition in 2016. I am very much looking forward to seeing you all again in 2017.”







Animal Health Company Classic Final 2016

Championship Agility Judge David Isbister

1    Sarah Roots with Stowledge Angelica  C 28.825 secs

2    Emma Llewellyn with Fireman Trigger C 29.620 secs

3    Jackie Travis Spencer with The Mighty Boyce C 29.959 secs

4    Tim Irwin with Dashing Dora C 30.288 secs

5    Sandra Holmes with Spideswick Italiane C 30.427 secs

6    Alison Naylor with Wynwich Wot The Heck C 30.539 secs

7    Sue Culmer with Little Black Bugetty Boo C 31.034 secs

8    Amy Sadler with Folly Fleet Moon Light C 31.386 secs

9    Nicola Mullins with Golden Balls C 31.491 secs

10  Steph Shann with Shoshonemara Mach One C 32.104 secs

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