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Keeping Chickens: The Definitive Guide to Happy and Healthy Poultry

2017-09-12 | Care & Safety

Keeping chickens can be a lot of hard work, especially if you don’t know what you’re getting into. For one, you’ve got to worry about predators – foxes, birds of prey, stoats, and even household pets like dogs and cats can make very short work of your feathered friends. Plus, you’ve got to make sure their coop is safe and comfortable, and that they’re getting the feed and nutrients they need to lay high quality eggs. And that's before the cleaning starts.

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Common Dog Health Problems & How To Treat Them

2017-06-28 | Care & Safety

Dogs and humans have a wonderfully unique relationship with one another, and they truly are man’s best friend. Whether you have a pet dog for companionship, a guide dog to help you live more independently with sight problems, or your job involves you working with trained dogs, i.e. police or security dogs, you’ll likely build a special bond with your canine pals.

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Keeping your pets safe in warmer weather

2015-06-09 | Food & Nutrition

The warm summer months can be uncomfortable and even dangerous for our beloved pets. Prevention is key to avoid any visits to your veterinary practice........

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2015-04-09 | Care & Safety

Spring is here and so is Rhian with some top tips to keep your pets safe this season

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Be Christmas Aware

2014-12-10 | Food & Nutrition

With us all getting ready for Christmas it's easy to forget about the wellbeing of our pets. We've put together a little guide to help keep your pets safe through the festive season.

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Winter Care for Horses

2014-12-03 | Food & Nutrition

In the colder conditions of the winter months, looking after our horses and ponies gets tougher. With more stables to muck out and some times restricted or no turnout for some horses and ponies. We've a few ideas to help your horses through it:-

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Is Garlic Powder bad for dogs?

2014-07-17 | Food & Nutrition

It is the big question that we all know is circulating around but we are here to clear those questions.....

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Winter health with herbal help

2013-09-25 | Care & Safety

The winter period always brings it’s own set of health issues and concerns for our horses and more often then not, many common ailments and complaints can be eradicated, controlled or cleared up using herbal based products.

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ALERT – when concentration is essential

2013-07-22 | Food & Nutrition

ALERT is a revolutionary new supplement from the Animal Health Company that helps horse's to maintain healthy brain function, focus their mind and increase concentration!

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Clean Coops

2013-07-22 | Care & Safety

A clean and safe environment is an integral part of promoting healthy and happy poultry and strong egg production. Unsanitary conditions allow disease and bacteria to thrive, which can cause the health of your flock to deteriorate rapidly. Our new, comprehensive 'Karma For Chickens' range includes three products which seek to combat and protect against common health issues in poultry.

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