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25 Human Foods That Benefit Your Dog’s Health

2017-02-23 | Food & Nutrition

When it comes to feeding "human foods" to your dog, there are many foods to avoid which is why dog friendly alternatives are created. For example, regular chocolate is toxic to dogs, so opt for one of the many dog-friendly chocolates on the market. But having said that, many human foods are actually highly beneficial for dogs and offer a range of health benefits. To avoid any unnecessary harm or potential danger to your pooch’s health, we've put together a list of 25 foods that are suitable for dogs, and many they will enjoy very much.

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Food Allergies in Pets

2016-10-04 | Food & Nutrition

When your dog or cat has itchy, irritated skin they will typically spend a lot of time scratching, licking, and biting themselves in an attempt to ease their discomfort. This constant scratching can drive many pet owners crazy, so imagine how your pet must feel!

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Fixing With Feed - How to Choose the Correct Feed for Your Horse

2016-07-25 | Food & Nutrition

Choosing the correct feeding routine is vitally important for your horse's health and happiness. Check out our latest infographic teaching you the best feeding routine for your horse as well as what to feed them.

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Keeping Your Pets Safe in Warmer Weather

2015-06-09 | Food & Nutrition

The warm summer months can be uncomfortable and even dangerous for our beloved pets. Prevention is key to avoid any visits to your veterinary practice...

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How Healthy is your Horse

2015-02-18 | Food & Nutrition

Following the interest and success of our previous graphic how healthy is your dog, we follow up this month with our latest infographic showing you hints and tips to keep your horse in tip top condition.

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Vitamin C Supplementation benefits

2015-01-19 | Food & Nutrition

For many years it has been the opinion of most nutritional experts that Vitamin C supplementation is unnecessary but recent research suggests this to be drastically wrong............

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How Healthy is your Dog?

2014-08-28 | Food & Nutrition

You love your dog right - but do you know how to keep them fit & healthy? We take a look at how you can do just that. 

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Is Garlic Powder Bad for Dogs?

2014-07-17 | Food & Nutrition

There is a lot of confusion around garlic and whether it is safe for your dogs to consume. In this blog post, we aim to dispel this myth so you can find out whether garlic can help or hinder your dog's health once and for all.  

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Nutrients and Ingredients explained

2014-05-23 | Food & Nutrition

Want to know how certain nutrients and ingredients are good for your pet? Here's a guide for you to help any queries you may have

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From the makers of HyperCoat Prime … comes Westcotts Premium Dog Food.

2013-09-25 | Food & Nutrition

With so many different dog foods and supplements available what makes new Westcotts so special compared to others? The first of its kind, new Westcotts premium dog food combines high quality ingredients with top selling supplement HyperCoat Prime to give your dog a great tasting food which will have them looking and feeling good inside and out.

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