The Real Costs of Owning a Cat

2018-06-13 | Care & Safety

Any pet is a long term commitment and cats are definitely no exception. Cats live even longer than dogs, with the average expectancy around 15 years. It’s not uncommon for them to reach the ripe old age of 20 (practically ancient by cat standards) and the world’s oldest cat was 24 years old! That means that you could potentially be providing for your purrfect pal for a very long time. Before you adopt a cat, make sure you understand exactly what that means in terms of money. You’ll need to cover all your cat’s basic costs, including everything from food and vet fees, to insurance, regular worming and flea treatments, vaccinations, and cat litter. All of this adds up, and with many owners underestimating the cost of a cat, you might be surprised to learn that the average lifetime spend for a cat is £20,500.

Remember that these costs will vary depending on your lifestyle and breed choices; for example, our research shows an RSPCA rescue cat has an adoption fee of £60, whilst an exotic Sphynx kitten is much pricier, carrying an average price tag of £810 – nearly 14 times more expensive. Furthermore, if you keep your cat indoors you might end up spending more on toys like scratching posts to keep her entertained, but an outdoor cat could cost you more in vet’s bills due to the higher likelihood of misadventures and injury. Plus, we’re all guilty of spoiling our pets so you might end up buying your cat that gourmet food she just loves, or be unable to resist picking up that extra toy at the pet shop.

We’ve put together the following infographic as part of our series on the costs of owning different pets. It’ll tell you everything you need to know about the costs of owning a cat, including starter costs for when you first adopt your cat and your likely annual expenses. Take a look below! If you’re making a decision between animals, make sure you check out our infographic on the costs of owning a dog too.