Introducing Westcotts Puppy Food!

2014-11-26 | Competitions & Offers

We have had fantastic success with Westcotts Adult Complete, so after hearing your thoughts, we have added Westcotts Puppy Food to the range!


Much like our adult food, our puppy kibble also includes Hypercoat Prime, a popular supplement made here by us, Hypercoat Prime contains 87% Omega Oils (3,6&9) which is probably the highest amount available on the market today which makes it a sought after product and the introduction into food, makes it an easily digestable way of ensuring your pet gets the best out of their food.


Westcotts Puppy Food maintains a healthy coat and skin condition and reduces shedding, ensuring your puppy will go on to have a beautifully shiny coat no matter what breed they may be.

Produced using only the finest,quality ingredients, Westcotts Puppy is hypoallergenic, pro-biotic and has no added flavourings or preservatives. Also free from dairy, eggs and wheat gluten, Westcotts Puppy Food delivers a complete balanced diet and has a delicious taste for all canines.

Help give your puppies the best start to their future!