What is in our products?

2015-02-04 | Food & Nutrition

We at The Animal Health Company welcome ideas and reviews from our customers in order for your experience with us to be more enjoyable. And not only do we listen, we turn the cogs and begin to take action working on what our customers would prefer to see.


When that dreaded time to go shopping occurs, I personally look at the labels on the back of my products to see that what I am putting in my body is nutritionally correct for me. And from the feedback I have received so do you! And not only do we do it for ourselves, we do it for our animals too, and why not we ask? Our animals can not read (it would be amazing if they could!) ,so we should be responsible for ensuring our animals are gaining the most out of their diet and feed supplements.


Our team has been working hard on putting the ingredients for our food and feed supplements onto our product pages so you can view exactly what you are buying and you will notice we stand by our word that our products are natural.


The ingredients are located within the images of the product itself, making it quicker to see, downloadable and doesn't clog up the page making the ease of online shopping more easier!

 Please note we always welcome any queries you may have and our friendly staff welcome a good chat to give you any advice you should need.

We thank you for your continued support and we value every single one of our customers.