Which Kind of Dog Should You Have?

2019-05-01 |

If there's air entering your lungs and a heart beating in your chest there's a good chance you've wanted a dog at some point in life, if not for most of it; and why wouldn't you? Dogs are loyal, lovable and constantly lavish you with love and affection. 

They're man's best friends for a good reason!

However, dogs aren't all fun and games; they're living beings that deserve the best homes and lives possible. People can argue the best breed, when to get one and whether they should buy or adopt (hint: it's adopt, always adopt) but of course none of this matters if they can't actually get a dog.

Those that are lucky enough to be able to get a dog (living somewhere that lets them have a pet, having the money to feed and insure them, and a myriad other requirements) have a lot to consider when picking a pup; so much so that it can seem like an impossible task. 

Luckily we're here to help, which is why we've created this cheerful little quiz to help get the ball rolling!

It's all well and good having a favourite kind of doggo, but will they be happy in your homes? Get started with the quiz and find out!