Red Mite Powder
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Red Mite Powder

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Red mites are classed as being one of the biggest problems you will face when keeping chickens. They live in the cracks of chicken houses (typically under perch ends) coming out at night, crawling onto your birds for a feed. They start as very small greyish-white mites that swell up red after a feed and at their biggest are only 0.7mm.

Red Mite in chicken houses are active during the summer months usually May to October and will become dormant over the winter.

They multiply at an incredible rate and their life cycle is just 7 days. Red Mite need to be checked for routinely and use some preventative treatment such as Red Mite Powder to the house before they get a hold.

Problems occurring when hens are bitten are:-

  • Refuse to go into roost at night

  • Become anaemic

  • Combs will go pale

  • May stop laying

  • Red blood stains on egg (squashed red mites)

  • Eventually, losses in the flock

Red Mite Powder is an effective and long lasting repellent for controlling insect pests on chickens and other poultry. H.S.E Approval no 8854

Available only in 500gm

Suggested use:- Apply as necessary, dust on and rub well in to reach the skin (5g to 10g covers an area 10cmx15cm)

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