Seaweed Powder
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Seaweed Powder

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Natural Extracts for Healthy and Happy Canines

One of the richest forms of plant life, seaweed (Ascopyllum Nodosum) is abundant in health-promoting properties, and as such forms an essential part of any canine diet.

Seaweed Powder is harvested from pollution-free seas, and consists of 100% seaweed. Once harvested the seaweed is stored in seawater to maintain its integrity and superlative health properties. Only removed immediately before being dried and cut, this seaweed powder for dogs retains the utmost purity and balance throughout the entire treatment process.

The primary benefit of this particular seaweed is that it absorbs and array of vital minerals that have been washed into the sea over time. This natural filter allows the seaweed to absorb minerals and trace elements that are vital for a rich and healthy life in the correct proportion.

Seaweed is the ideal dog supplement. Not only do these minerals for dogs improve digestion, allowing the animal to reap the nutrients from its food but, they even aid in improvement of pigmentation.

Suggested daily intake:- Small dogs: 5g (1tsp), Medium dogs: 10-15g (2-3tsp), Large dogs: 20-30g (4-6tsp). Mix with feed. 

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