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ALERT is a combination of Panax ginseng, Cat's Claw, Glucosamine, MSM and vitamin C. The manufacturing process naturally extracts the ginsenoside components, producing an optimal amount of biological activity, without the need to add alcohol or any other chemical components. ALERT stimulates a beneficial effect on memory, the ability to focus on specific tasks and enhances concentration.

It promotes energy, improves circulation, maintains blood supply and stimulates the body. ALERT achieves these benefits by acting upon the body as whole, increasing the blood supply to the extremities particularly the brain. STRESS is an important factor in the ability to concentrate the mind. ALERT maintains the body's resistance to stress, both mentally and physically.

Targets the mind:

·Increase performance

·Increase concentration & reaction speed

· Increase vigilance

· Increase reflexes

· Better memory

.Targets the body

· Maintains the joints

Suggested daily intake:- Agility, showing, training & older dogs: 1ml/kg body weight to a max of 25ml with food. Feed 3-4 days before and on the morning of event or activity.


Always check show rules before use.

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Great for agility dogs! Review by Sweetannie
I have 2 spaniels, one who is easily distracted by smells, and another who loves agility too much to listen to instructions. I started using Alert on the one who was a sniffer- and was amazed by the difference- After 3 years of hit and miss competing, she has gone from Grade 1 to Grade 5 in two years . I then started to use Alert on my 'selectively deaf' dog too, and again he responds much better after a dose of alert! (Posted on 04/11/2016)