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  • DEFRA Approved

    Defence 7

    A broad spectrum, DEFRA approved disinfectant, suitable for kennels, stables and all animal quarters. Dilution of 1:100 so a little goes a long way. Click to view dilution rates.

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  • Westcotts

    Make him shine

    Westcotts Premium Adult Dog Food will keep your dog feeling good and looking great! Contains HyperCoat Prime for a show winning coat. Also available for Puppies.

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  • Odor-Kill


    Odor-Kill is a very powerful deodoriser, known for its ability to kill even the strongest smells! Economical, wonderful fragrance and so many uses! Just dilute as required & spray,mop or even put into your carpet cleaner to not only mask the smell but kill the smell and leave a wonderful scent that lasts and lasts!

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  • Animals

    Committed to Animal Care!

    We love to help all of our animal friends owners with the best advice we can give and will only ever suggest a product we think would be suitable. We always welcome questions and will always help as best as we can! Need to contact us? Just click below

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