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The rise of Insta-dogs: Could your dog be famous online?

Everyone wants their chance of fame these days. The internet is the one place where many of us find our rightful five minutes. However, some dog owners are choosing to put their pups in the spot light instead. With tags such as #RichDogsofInstagram and #InstaDog rising in popularity, the fight to be top dog online is growing in competition.

So how do you make your dog famous online?

We spoke to 4 proud owners to find out how their dog has been rising to fame online...




“The thing about Luna is that she's a fairly low maintenance dog and we really don't have to do much in getting her Insta-ready. It's more so capturing the perfect shot!” Jenevie, Luna’s owner, says she might life a luxury lifestyle online, but thankfully she isn’t a diva.


French bulldogs have become a particularly popular breed on the social networking website, with a hashtag populated with over 6 million images. Luna has managed to cut through the noise and gain an impressive following of over 20K.


“Luna is definitely a pampered/spoiled little dog. Luna has probably over 100 toys and gets to eat the best dog food we can get our hands on. She travels often with us and enjoys accompanying us while we go shopping. She also visits the dog spa often to keep her fur smooth and silky!”


Her reputation for living in luxury is what keeps her followers intrigued. In Luna’s closet you’ll find a Louis Vuitton leash and collar set, which Jenevive also had the matching dog carrier for until Luna grew too big for it!



The pint-sized office Pomeranian Lola has been featured on the Rich Dogs of Instagram account, which catapulted her into the limelight. Like Luna, Lola is somewhat of a fashionista. “Lola has an extensive closet and wears a different outfit each day. I take her to her closet and let her choose each morning.” explained the team at BEXNYC.

She gets her luxurious habits from her owner who takes her on lavish days out around Manhattan. “Lola accompanies me almost every wear, the spa for pedicures, our favourite Manhattan restaurants and bars; and she has many celeb friends!”

Lola is also known to sport her Louis Vuitton leash and matching carrier, which seems to be the trend amongst top Instagram dogs.




Hadley is one of the cutest pups on Instagram, with a following of over 19K. Being groomed once a month, it doesn’t take much for her to look her best. “Hadley is always 'Insta-ready' so it isn't much work to get her ready for the camera.” explains her owner Claire. “Pampered pooch life can be exhausting! Hadley is constantly on the go traveling from place to place with her parents. Whether it be Aspen, CO or Los Angeles, CA she is getting to her destinations in style riding via private plane or having her own first class seat on a commercial flight.”


Hadley can be spotted wearing a plethora of outfits from high-end dog store Fifi & Romeo. In fact, her playful taste in fashion is what draws many of her fans in!


Muffy & Kenzo

Imagine being sat on a lilo under the sun, whilst someone lovingly combs your hair. This is the life that Muffy and Kenzo live. “Muffy especially loves to be combed & loves the camera, so she's the easiest when it comes to taking photos.” Their owner Kelsey has her hands full with two pups to look after, but she says they’re just normal pooches “Muffy and Kenzo honestly just love attention. They love taking photos; they get rewarded with treats and nice walks along the cliffs just like any other dog.”


The pair is known for their teddy bear haircuts, which amplify their natural cuteness. They do however boast a few accessories that help to give them an extra sense of glamour: “The most luxurious accessory they own is probably a Swarovski crystal leash and collar that they were gifted from a company on Instagram.”

Pink poodle Venice

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Flying the flag for Britain is the head turning pink poodle, Venice. We spoke to owner Daniela Forshaw, professional canine stylist and owner of this pampered pooch. She told us “Venice is always Insta ready... She learnt the term ‘Venice Pose’ before she learnt any other common canine commands, and likes to see photos of herself and watch herself on TV.” It sounds like she’s a diva at heart!


Daniela owns 7 dogs, but says Venice has a few unique qualities: “The life of a true pampered pup entails fulfilling and satisfying their every need and desire. Although I have a pack of 7 dogs, all of which are always lavished with luxuries, Venice thinks she is human and has much greater different needs to my other pack members.”


Venice lives an exciting life, but she still makes time to relax in her £350 garden swing chair, in her ‘chill out’ zone. For Daniela however, she has her hands full: “The list is endless. What Venice wants Venice gets.”



Make sure your dog is Insta-ready:


We conducted our own research into the habits of dog owners in the UK. Almost 3 quarters of the people we asked had a social media account for their dog. It seems the idea of having an Insta-famous pet has crossed the pond and stars that Venice are coming into the limelight.


In our survey, we found that dog owners spend an average of £200 per month on pampering their pets, which is a fraction of what Venice takes on one of her shopping trips. It seems Insta-famous dogs need to go the extra mile to keep up with the high beauty standards online.


Whether your pooch is a frequent flyer, pageant prince or favourite family member, it’s important to keep them in tip top health. The most important thing for dogs on camera is to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.


  • Wash their travel beds regularly


The material inside your carry case and travel beds can easily build up. Not only will this begin to smell a little unpleasant, but the bacteria from built up dead skin and hair could cause skin irritation. This is particularly problematic for dogs with long fur, as you may not realise the scalp irritation is there at first.


Choose a non-biological detergent that has been developed for animals when washing their bedding. Whilst bacteria can provoke a reaction, dogs can also have an allergic reaction if you use regular detergent. This is often due to soap residue left behind and strong perfumes.


  • Protect their bounce


Not all Insta dogs live a relaxed life of luxury. Some dogs need a little extra help keeping their joints protect, especially if they have a promising flyball career ahead of them! Pampering your pooch is essential.


Fish oils are a great addition to their meals to promote good joint health, but owners often complain about the bad smell if leaves behind. If you’re not a fan of fish oils, a great alternative is Devils Claw which you can mix into their food. Unlike popular supplements like Bute, Devils Claw is much more sensitive and doesn’t come with nasty side effects.


  • Show off their personality


It isn’t just outfits and accessories that show off your dog’s personality! A picture says a thousand words and how you compose your shot is everything. Some people go for candid shots of their dogs frolicking in the park, where others choose to use props to add a little humour to their images.


  • Say cheese

Many conventional dog chews contain unhealthy additives that could cause more problems for your little friend. Whilst the rich dogs of Instagram may like to dine on plaque fighting chew sticks, their table manners often mean the chew don’t reach the desired area. You’ll probably know all too well, dogs eat fast! They don’t take the time to chew each treat and it’s gone in a matter of seconds without getting to reach areas of the teeth and gums.


Instead, you should search for alternatives such as tooth powders that ensure direct contact with the teeth.


  • Tackle scalp irritation 


As we mentioned, scalp irritation is very common for dogs. Whether they’re on walks, travelling or simply being pampered, dogs come into contact with numerous allergens that could cause irritation. Unfortunately, when they scratch it can make the situation worse because of the dirt on their paws from walking around all day. To tackle this you may need a primer that is specifically designed for scalp irritation.


It’s a dog eat dog online and your pup needs to stand out from the crowd. However, the most important thing is to ensure they are happy and healthy!