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  • Animal Health

    Animal Health

    Comprehensive range of natural animal health supplements.

  • Animal Hygiene

    Animal Hygiene

    Unique range of hygiene products including disinfectants.

  • Grooming For Excellence

    Grooming For Excellence

    Range of shampoos and conditioners for various coat colours, breeds and skin types.

  • Grooms Choice

    Grooms Choice

    Enhances the natural colours and highlights within the horse's coat for various colours, breeds and skin types.

  • Health & Herbal

    Health & Herbal

    Range of quality natural health and nutritional supplements.

  • NoBute


    A comprehensive & unique range of products based on an aqueous solution of Devils Claw.

  • OzOil


    Comprehensive range of genuine Tea Tree Oil products.

  • StableZone


    Unique range of hygiene products for the equine environment.

  • Westcotts


    Luxury hypoallergenic premium dog food for Puppy and Adult. Containing Hypercoat Prime to help support healthy skin & coat.

  • NeutraHaze


    Range of odour control products

  • Raw Herbs

    Raw Herbs

    A selection of herbs, as used in our herbal range products.

  • Micro-Chipping


    Micro-Chipping service available for local customers. Multi-pet rates available!

  • International Order Quotes

    International Order Quotes

    Pre-Quoted International Delivery Charges

  • Clearance Stock

    Clearance Stock

    We are offering very low prices off any product in our stock clearance section.

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