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Reducing Plastics

We have made the decision to try and reduce one use plastics.  So you will start to see the smaller sizes of powders are no longer in plastic tubs, but are in re-sealable paper pouches.  These pouches are food safe pouches, so the prouct will stay fresh still.  This will help to reduce all of our plastic waste.  

Plastic measuring spoons - we used to add a plastic spoon to each powder product tub, this has been stopped.  Lets face it all of us has a spoon in the draw.  This again should help reduce single use plastci for us and our customers.  

Padded envelopes - we have switched form the bubble wrap filled type to fully recyclable padded envelopes.  

We have also reduced the plastic parcel tape and have switched to paper tape which again is recyclable.  I hope you will join us in loving these steps to help all our futures.