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  • 15% Off Calmers

    15% off Natural Calmers

    Be prepared with our natural, non drowsy calmers. Settleze is ideal for quick working needs such as fireworks. Tranquil is great for long term use for behavioural or over excitable animals.

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  • O-Mega Shine

    15% off O-Mega Shine

    Help your horse shine through the winter! O-Mega Shine contains 87% Omega Oils which helps attain and maintain a beautifully shiny coat, perfect to encourage a healthy winter coat.

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  • NoBute


    NoBute is the natural alternative to Bute. Trusted for 20 years in providing a safe comfort for joints the natural way!

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  • Odor-Kill


    Odor-Kill is a very powerful deodoriser, known for its ability to kill even the strongest smells! Economical, wonderful fragrance and so many uses! Just dilute as required & spray,mop or even put into your carpet cleaner to not only mask the smell but kill the smell and leave a wonderful scent that lasts and lasts!

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  • Westcotts

    Make him shine

    Westcotts Premium Adult Dog Food will keep your dog feeling good and looking great! Contains HyperCoat Prime for a show winning coat. Also available for Puppies.

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