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2017 Show Guide

2017-01-18 |

We have compiled a list of show dates that we will be attending for 2017 

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Getting A New Puppy: The Definitive Guide

2017-01-09 | Adoption & Rescue

Welcoming a new puppy into your home is an exciting time for you and your family, but it’s important to remember that it is a daunting and stressful time for the puppy. For most puppies this will be the first time they’ve been separated from their mother and siblings. Travelling to, and arriving at, a new location is very scary and stressful for a young pup, so it’s important that you and your family are well-prepared to help him settle in properly.

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2016 Animal Health Classic Final!

2016-11-04 | Competitions & Offers

The Animal Health Company Classic is a unique event in the dog Agility world with all 3 Kennel Club heights of dog competing against each other. With 12 regional heats around the country, some 60 finalists were invited to the 2016 final held in conjuction with the Autumn Food & Country Fair at Peterborough Arena.

Championship Agility Judge David Isbister had the pleasure of judging the 2016 final.

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Food Allergies in Pets

2016-10-04 | Food & Nutrition

When your dog or cat has itchy, irritated skin they will typically spend a lot of time scratching, licking, and biting themselves in an attempt to ease their discomfort. This constant scratching can drive many pet owners crazy, so imagine how your pet must feel!

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Fixing With Feed - How to Choose the Correct Feed for Your Horse

2016-07-25 | Food & Nutrition

Choosing the correct feeding routine is vitally important for your horse's health and happiness. Check out our latest infographic teaching you the best feeding routine for your horse as well as what to feed them.

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The rise of Insta-dogs: Could your dog be famous online?

2016-04-22 | Behaviour & Training

Everyone wants their chance of fame these days. The internet is the one place where many of us find our rightful five minutes. However, some dog owners are choosing to put their pups in the spot light instead. With tags such as #RichDogsofInstagram and #InstaDog rising in popularity, the fight to be top dog online is growing in competition.

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30 Must See 'Wooftastic' Blogs For Dog Lovers!

2015-12-02 | Competitions & Offers

So, you heard about that blog about the pooch called 'Fred' or was it 'Bill'? Whatever the name was, you heard about the blog but have no idea where to find it! Well, we've done all the work for you! We've found every dog blog we think you could ever need and even thrown in some you might not have noticed before, to bring you '30 Must See 'Wooftastic' Blogs For Dog Lovers!'

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Dog Trainers & Bloggers Reveal Their Top 3 Dog Training Tips

2015-09-04 | Behaviour & Training

Dog training is a crucial part of shaping the character and overall behaviour of your dog, especially important for first time owners. Those who choose not to train their pups or leave it a bit late can experience certain problems, which can take even more work and extensive training in the long run.

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How to Train Your Dog: The Definitive Guide

2015-06-29 | Behaviour & Training

If you are considering keeping a dog as a pet or have recently acquired one, training your pet could be a big struggle for you if you don’t have any prior experience. Bringing home your new best friend is one of the greatest feelings in the world but it could be a little overwhelming since nothing prepares you for the amount of care, training and attention a dog requires.

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Keeping your pets safe in warmer weather

2015-06-09 | Food & Nutrition

The warm summer months can be uncomfortable and even dangerous for our beloved pets. Prevention is key to avoid any visits to your veterinary practice........

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