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From the makers of HyperCoat Prime … comes Westcotts Premium Dog Food.

With so many different dog foods and supplements available what makes new Westcotts so special compared to others? The first of its kind, new Westcotts premium dog food combines high quality ingredients with top selling supplement HyperCoat Prime to give your dog a great tasting food which will have them looking and feeling good inside and out.

Specially developed by animal health care experts the Animal Health Company, for the competition show dog, Westcotts helps to maintain a healthy skin condition and show winning coat whilst also providing a number of additional health benefits for canines with skin complaints and specific dietary requirements.

With the majority of dog food containing fish oils, the Animal Health Company saw a gap in the market to create a premium product containing vegetable oils obtained from a sustainable source. The new luxury dog food contains HyperCoat Prime, a popular feed supplement for canines also produced by the Animal Health Company. Made from Cold- Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, one of the healthiest food oils available, HyperCoat Prime provides a fantastic source of essential omega oils and fatty acids, to maintain a healthy coat and skin condition and reduce excessive molting and scratching which may lead to skin rashes and coat loss. Not only does HyperCoat Prime promote a full and healthy coat but the omega oils and fatty oils also aid in joint repair and mobility and can ease the discomfort of stiff joints.

Available in 2kg and 12kg bags, the quality feed comes in the form of a crunchy kibble. Containing calcium and phosphorous Westcotts helps promote healthy, strong teeth and bones. Formulated with high levels of chicken and rice, Westcotts is extremely palatable and is ideal for dogs with a sensitive digestive tract. Produced using premium quality ingredients Westcotts is hypo-allergenic and contains the pro-biotics MOS (Mannanoligosaccharides) and FOS (Fructooligosaccharides) helping to encourage the growth of healthy gut bacteria and aid digestion.

With no added flavorings or preservatives and free from dairy, eggs and wheat gluten, Westcotts premium dog food delivers a complete balanced diet and delicious taste for canines.

Established in 1990 the Animal Health Company are constantly researching and evaluating new products and concepts. Committed to animal care, the expertise and knowledge of the Animal Health Company and their products are insisted on by breeders and exhibitors and are often on show at the top competitions including Crufts.