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Winter help with herbal help

The winter period always brings it’s own set of health issues and concerns for our horses and more often then not, many common ailments and complaints can be eradicated, controlled or cleared up using herbal based products.

Winter grazing and poor forage during the winter months can be overcome with the addition of a good quality multivitamin. Horse’s, like all animals need to eat to fuel their bodies, ward off illness and keep themselves warm in the winter, and a herbal tonic that includes all the essential vitamins will help your horse to stay healthy and strong. The additio n of iron in a multivitamin supplement will also benefit horses that tend to be lethargic during the winter or those that have suffered with worm infestation or anaemia. Nutonic contains key vitamins, minerals, iron and trace elements, these are sometimes lacking in horses due to winter grazing and poor forage. 

Breath easy
Horses tend to be stabled more during the winter months, therefore it is the time of year when respiratory problems are most likely to develop. Diseases commonly associated with stabling are hay/dust allergy and Recurrent Airways Disease (RAD) over wise known as COPD. 
RAD is an inflammatory condition of the lower respiratory airways caused by an allergy to inhaled particles. Mucus forms in the airways and the airway walls thicken, disrupting airflow to the lungs. Once a horse has been affected by RAD, they are likely to be sensitive to its triggers and prone to future attacks.

Devils claw, eucalyptus, liquorice and peppermint are all herbs known for their ability to help soothe the airways and keep the respiratory system clear and trouble-free. NoWheeze contains these herbs and helps to keep the airways clear, for horses and ponies that have suffered from coughing and respiratory problems – it is a natural "pipe-opener".

Winter joints and lameness
Liquid devils claw extract is a great herbal and natural alternative to Bute, it can assist with the maintenance of healthy joints and bones. It can be given long term with no ill effects and because devils claw is Mother Nature’s aid to repairing and maintaining cartilage, joints and improving the coat products such as NoBute are popular amongst competing horses and veterans.

Immune system strength
For horses and ponies that tend to suffer with various ailments and those that are prone to picking up infection it is important to ensure they receive a balanced diet and all the vitamins and minerals. A good all–round multivitamin supplement can help, and if you want to really boost your horse’s immune system products that contain Echinacea are ideal. Immuboost is an aqueous infusion of echinacea, which has a beneficial effect in maintaining a strong and healthy immune system, it is also a great product to help protect horses, which have been in contact with diseased or other ill animals.